Spirit of Grace Ministries

Who Can Benefit?

Together We Can (TWC) helps rehabilitate and reintegrate young, and not-so-young, people from diverse backgrounds with addiction problems back into society. Our programme addresses the dire need in our community to combat substance abuse.


Why TWC?

Together We Can has enjoyed a 75% recovery rate over the last 5 years. Our programme has been designed to dismantle the deadly denial systems, attitudes and beliefs that initiate and sustain addictions of various kinds.


We have two dedicated drug-use rehabilitation centres in the Western Cape, situated in Durbanville and Eendekuil. Both locations are places of introspection where people can take time to rediscover the purpose of their lives.

Restoration Through Rehabilitation

The purpose of rehabilitation is to restore that which is broken within ourselves and our relationships.

Step 1

Give your mind and body time to heal and be restored to its optimal physical state.

Step 2

Discover the truth about how wonderfully you were made and what you can aspire to be and hope for.

Step 3

Learn how to conquer obstacles and gain a surpassing victory in your everyday life.

Step 4

Become a part of society again, while still having a place of comfort and support to go back to at the end of each day.

Our Values

At TWC we live in harmony with God, each other and ourselves.

Be The Change!

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